What size BBCOR baseball bat should I get?

Picking the correct size BBCOR bat for your size and strength is the most important decision you make as a hitter. This is because a bat that is too big/heavy or too small/light will result in sub-optimal hitting performance.

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The best way to determine what size bat to buy is to try the bat you are thinking about buying. If possible, take the bat into the cage or to batting practice and see how it feels. If you are able to get the bat through the zone and make solid contact that size BBCOR bat is probably best for you. However, if you feel late or not confident in your swing that bat is likely too big.

If trying the bat is not possible before purchase you should use your best judgement based on the players age, height, weight, strength, and playing ability.

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Young Players:
To start, age is a pretty good starting indicator for size. Players who are moving into BBCOR from a senior bat should look at 31 inch or 32 inch sizes. Average and below average hitters should opt for the 31 inch to help compensate for the added weight of a BBCOR bat. Young players who are great hitters should try a 32 inch to give them more plate coverage and more power on contact. We do not recommend anything longer than 32 inch for players new to BBCOR as the transition to the heavier BBCOR bats will take some time to get used to.

Older Players:
If the player has been playing BBCOR ball for a couple years we recommend either a 32 inch or 33 inch bat. Similar to choosing a bat for young players, the stronger hitters will want to shoot for a 33 inch bat, while contact hitters may want to purchase a 32 inch. Some companies make half sizes like 32.5 inch if you feel you might be in-between sizes.

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Advanced and Really Strong Players:
If the player is a great hitter and is physically strong then we recommend trying either a 33 inch or 34 inch BBCOR bat. Very few players in high school and even college should swing a 34 inch BBCOR, so if you are unsure on the size we recommend sticking with the 33 inch for the added bat speed and bat control.

For more detailed information regarding what bats are best for each player type download our 2015 buyer’s guide.

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