Baseball Cleats: The Definitive Guide

What makes a good pair of baseball shoes?

There are several items that go into finding the best baseball cleats possible including:

  • Weight: There is nothing worse than having heavy cleats. Not only do they slow you down considerably, but they allow hurt your game. Worst of all they could cause quite a bit of injuries since you will more than likely have to overcompensate and excerpt more energy than you would require with a lighter pair of shoes.
  • Comfort: Similar to weight, comfort has quite a bit to do with your success on the baseball field when using cleats. Many that we reviewed above have innovative comfort features such as extra cushion systems so you can last all game long without cramping up.
  • Postion/Role: Are you the team’s base stealer? Do you play center field? Depending on the position or role that you play for your team will help you decide what type you should be looking for. Base stealers for instance can gain an edge by using ones that provide a bit more explosiveness. Other players however on the defensive side of the ball can get many benefits from those that provide a good pivot and multidirectional turning capabilities.
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Buyers guide

Baseball shoes have been used in the game of baseball for a very long time now. Their main purpose is to provide players with improved traction and grip out on the field. And as you can imagine, they have come a long ways. Thanks to technology they are not more durable, more comfortable and more position specific than ever before. When it comes to buying the best baseball cleats possible you will be surprised at the different options you have at your disposal.

It is very important you understand the advantages and disadvantages to using the different types of shoes available. So with this guide we are going to discuss the three main types which are metal, turf and molded. We will also talk about a less common type known as the interchangeable cleat.


Metal Cleats
Metal is by far the most popular type of worn by players at competitive levels. This is because they provide more traction than any other type. When you compare them to other types you will see they are the thinnest. Because of this they are able to penetrate the ground a lot easier. Metal cleats can be used on dirt and grass however you should avoid wearing them on turf and aren’t allowed in every league.

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You will usually only see them worn in high competition leagues such as the major leagues, college and even some high schools. Check with your league to see if they allow players to wear metal.

Turf Shoes
Generally speaking baseball players will only wear turf shoes during practice or training. If you aren’t practising on a field, you should be wearing turfs. This is because they are more comfortable and won’t tear up the training facilities like metal would. If you are playing in a slow pitch tournament style game, turfs are great for that as well. They give you the traction you need as well as the comfort to play all day during the tournament.

Molded cleats are made up of a variety of different materials. The material you get will depend on the price you are willing to pay. Low priced ones are for the younger players who will outgrow them rather quickly. They are also a little more forgiving which is great for players who aren’t that experienced. Higher priced molded shoes are usually made with rubberized plastic.

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It is a lot stiffer than other forms of plastic. They are basically a step below the metal. Most players who wear this type of molded cleats are getting ready to transition to metal. Molded are more comfortable than turf or metal because they have a higher number of cleats that are spread out to different pressure points throughout the foot.

Last but not least lets talk about interchangeable cleats. Interchangeable cleats are just a mix between molded and metal. They are great for players who play in different leagues. Instead of having to buy two pairs you can just have one that can be changed based on where you are playing.

We hope you have enjoyed our look at the best baseball cleats available for 2014/2015. If you have any suggestions on ones you have used and like more, feel free to contact us to let us know what we are missing!


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